Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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This site will tell you about friendship and bullying. The things you need to do to make new and old friendships better and to stop bullying. There are book recommendations if you are running out of some good books to read, and amazing Songs that you might like. 
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It's  2016 which means that there are going to be many new books, songs, movies and ideas. There will be people trying to achieve there resolutions and people who are already giving up on there resolutions. 

One thing that some people like to do is reflect. OK, who am I kidding the only time people reflect is when there at school and the teachers give them a task to reflect on there previous year, maybe somewhere someone does reflect. I know I reflect but not like I sit sown and write down what I have done the past year but I do sometimes think about my last year and things that I want to change. 

Im going to play a game that I made and It's the 2016 game. 
It is very hard to explain and I will try to tell the instructions of how you play the game as best as I can but if you don't get it I think you will understand when I play the game. 
 Under every number I am going to tell you about a topic like- people that have inspired me in 2015 and depending on the number I will tell you about how many people have inspired me and who they are-for example.

2              0            1                   6
inspirations   No Shade   Favorite Movie   Favorite Singers       

For me an inspiration was when Justin Bieber album came out it was so inspiring listening to his music it was Amazing. His message for me was that if you change things will happen and there is nothing wrong with a change and you can always change back. You don't have to be different for people to like you. You just have to do the best you can do and do the best for yourself.
Image result for music in a heartAnother thing that inspires me is music in general. All the striking emotions I can get listening to Music. The connections that people can get whilst listening to music.

Image result for music heart

Image result for positivity in a heartLet's try the best we can to not hate on people and to not shade. Let's keep all bad things about people or what they do to ourself, let's even try not to think about hate and shade. Lets be positive, More kindness is what we need.

Favorite Movie(1):
Image result for the duffOne of my favorite Movies of 2015 is The Duff. I think that I would have another favorite movie that I would like more then The Duff. If I watched more movies in 2015. This is the only one I can

really remember of 2015. I didn't watch many movies last year but I will try to watch as many as I can from last year and this year.

Favorite Singers(6):
My favorite singers from last year are and still are:
  • Selena Gomez
  • Ariana Grande 
  • Demi Lovato
  • Sabrina Carpenter 
  • Justin Biber
  • Shawn Mendes
Image result for selena gomez, ariana grande, justin bieberImage result for Demi lovato, sabrina carpenterImage result for demi lovatoImage result for justin bieber and shawn mendes

That was it. My Favorites and inspiration of 2015. I hope you liked reading this and I wish you A Happy New Year. 

Love Yourself
You. Me. Us. 
Who is more important to you? Why let people tell you what to do if you are your own person. Your decisions matter and NO ONE can change that. What ever makes you happy is important and if yo feel like you aren't getting appreciated you need to make sure you appreciate yourself. You need to love yourself, be yourself and challenge yourself.